iPhone is toast – wet toast

Halfway into the trip rafting down the Colorado River our raft flipped and the iPhone didn’t survive the 30 minutes upside down inside a water proof sack, inside another waterproof iPhone in Riceday bag.  Owner is fine. Rice-to-rice resuscitation didn’t bring it around this time, even after 7 days in the RCU.  I’ve ordered a replacement but that won’t happen for several days, therefore my phone won’t ring, nor be answered until I put the old SIM card in a new replacement iPhone.

Still available via messages or email.

Liquid San Juan

Moving a little too quickly lately, which hasn’t left much time for blogging. It was pointed out to us last week that we’re never completely offline or out of touch, but last week was an exception.IMG_5551

One of our favorite rivers is the San Juan River just southwest of Durango by 3 hours.  We used to run the San Juan every Memorial Day for years, with all our local rafting friends.  The habit was broken once we got hooked on sailing. The main motivation for rafting in those days was to get away from the hospital and the telephone.  It’s still possible to get out of touch when you go down a river, in fact the next two weeks on the Colorado thru the Grand Canyon will pose the same disconnect.

DCIM100GOPROFloat trips provide some of the best relaxation we can recommend. Of course there are moments of effort in the rapids but the San Juan has very few.  However there is one other drawback: In low water you have to pay attention to flow or you end up pushing the boat thru the shallowest sections.  We only got out to push a couple of times when we weren’t paying attention.


IMG_5553This trip was a very small group: eight folks in 3 rafts, a canoe and an inflatable kayak.  All folks we’ve rafted with previously.

It’s very hard to win a lottery slot on the San Juan River these days.  Fortunately Bill Atkins snagged a cancellation in late March for this time slot, allowing all of us to join him.


Weather was cooler, with a little rain but not enough to dampen the camaraderie.  As always, the meals were superb with BBQ’d Teriyaki Chicken, Southwestern Beef Burritos and Tacos, Shrimp Panang Curry and Green Chili Chicken Stew, to name a few.  Rafting is the opposite of UltraLight camping as we literally bring the 3-tub kitchen sink for washing.

Stanna cooked her Panang specialty with shrimp in a wok and we even managed a French Bakery Cheesecake for dessert one night.

Almost forgot to mention one of our favorite hikes on the San Juan is up Slickhorn Canyon thru the cascading pools of water.



Now it’s time to leave again for the Grand Canyon. Should have some photos from that adventure coming up.