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Travel Schedule

2011-12 Past & Theoretical Schedule

2012 Rivers, Hikes and Rides

Open for any - from April to November

  1. -Interested in bike packing CT

  2. -San Juan trip with cruising folks

  3. -More UL backpacking

Durango Return

Scheduled back home April 13th

Winter 2012

Back to Thailand this time with our own bikes, possible touring in Laos and finishing in Trang again.

Christmas 2011

We’ll be in Chiang Mai

Thanksgiving 2011

St Paul Ski Lodge , Silverton

September 2011

Hiking, biking & weaving

August 2011

Middle Fork River trip - tg

Grandgirls visit Durango

Niece Wedding

Estes Faux-Nephew Wedding July 2011

Weaving Conference

Bikepacking & UL Backpacking

Winter 2010-11

Booked to Thailand on Dec 14th thru Apr 5th (6th now re-routed thru London rather than Tokyo)

Regarding advance planning: “if we have a plan, we’re limited to today’s options” (Sheryl Sandberg)

Links & Files

Articles on Health Care

  1. David Goldhill - How American Health Care Killed My Father

  2. Atul Gawande - The Cost Conundrum Jun 1, 2009

  3. Atul Gawande - Letting Go July 26, 2010

  4. Atul Gawande - Testing, Testing Dec 14, 2009

Travel Locations

Google Map view of Waiheke Island off Auckland, New Zealand

Google Map view on Casa Gusto at Port Royal

NW Caribbean Links

  1. NW Carib Maps v307.pdf

  2. 14,300 Mobile Maritime Service Net with live Streaming

  3. NW Caribbean Net website with Weather links

Paradox Rescue

pdf of all Rescue related blogs RescueBlog.pdf


Photo albums

Paradox photos

post re-fit

Weaving in Xela

December 2006


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