Trang Thailand Bicycle GPX tracks

Local Ride map

Trang has wonderful backroads cycling opportunities.  The Trang Cycling Club rides every Sunday morning from the DuGong Fountain at 8 AM for an all day trip.  Just show up and the Thai cyclists will take good care of you.  Most trips are 50 to 75 km out and back, (when you take 6 hours to ride that far that’s an average of 10-12 km (6-8 MPH) an hour – lots of breaks, food and rest along the way).

72 KM Route to Lost Elephant Cave – KaChong Waterfall Loop




26 & 42 KM Route to Botanical Gardens & Canapy Walk loop from 419 or Trang Center
Botanical Backroads 26 km.GPX




127 KM Loop – Trang to PakMeng Beach with side trip to Aquarium), National Park on Andeman Sea and on to Hot Springs near Kantang. Easily done in a full day.



IMG_472570 KM from Trang a more remote cascading waterfall with “jungly” travertine pools




25 KM ride to KhoaPoPa Pass.  Last 5 km is a 750′ climb.
DuGong to KhoaPoPa.GPX


For those interested in a Audax 200 starting in Trang
TST Audax Trang 200 route A.GPX


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