Bear perched just off our deck


Either, while we were at Kurt and Carol’s daughter’s wedding near Telluride or after we got home late that night, a bear evidently climbed up our apple tree and settled in for a snooze and a apple fete.  Virtually flattening the apple tree and breaking almost all the upper branches.

Fortunately the bear didn’t find a reason to climb onto our deck and eat the fresh crop of tomatoes we’ve got there.  We didn’t notice a thing until the next morning.

We gave the neighboring plum tree a quick haircut that afternoon and today we totally pruned the apple tree so that our deck is out of reach.  Funny thing is I ran off a couple who wanted to sneak a camp under our deck just the night before.  They would have had a rough night with that bear and their food bag.  Sorry no photo of the bear. Here’s a clip from last year’s bear.