State of the Condo

We’ve implemented several of those “windshield-planned goals” written about earlier.  Since Durango temperatures are keeping us inside more, it’s a perfect time to tackle that list of improvements (or at least try them out in the case of furniture arrangements).  As you can see from the lead photo we’ve moved the GlimakraStanna's is a Glimarka Standard with 10 headles loom so that it’s more accessible from all sides.  One of us spends more time on the loom than any visitors have ever spent sitting on our sofa, so we swapped places.  (One comment already is that we now have a wooden sculpture in the center of our great room.)  We’re already used to it, but have yet to learn if the ease of the warping & weaving process warrants taking the focal point of the room.  Main thing is that it doesn’t appear to block the light, so it’s passed the primary test.

couchWe can show off the couch placement and Stanna’s latest weaving with this photo.  The weaving was warped before our winter junket and since her return has only had to spend a couple days running the weft and tying tassels, before it has made it to the couch as a throw.  I can see it needs a little better promotion so below is the enlarged version.

Shawl woven on Glimarka Standard Loom with 8 headles

Shawl woven on Glimarka Standard Loom with 8 headles

Accent Color

And for those who wondered how the accent wall turned out we’re including a photo of the new green in the all-white bedroom.  Cutting in a dark color next to white is proving to be a skill yet to be learned.

The real fun for me has been experimenting with “smart home” technology, specifically learning about controlling lighting and appliances remotely.  I’ve been fascinated with the prospect, and after many years of following the evolution, I decided to literally “buy-in”.  Having solar on the roof was the big step in energy management, and that’s been such a boon and savings, that it’s time to take the next step.  Plus, now being able to control your home energy from an iPad has made it too hard to resist.

I decided to go with a “Mac” based software product called Indigo since it’s totally integrated with OSX and iOS, meaning it will work and be served with my home Mac and can be controlled remotely from any of my mobile devices, i.e. iPhone or iPadMini.  The system is up and running and I’ll try to see how best to blog about it with photos soon.

I will say at this time the remote IR light sensor in the master walk-in closet is the best of all upgrades.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  Now I want one in the pantry closet!


Back in the Saddle


Back in Durango we’re literally back in the saddle getting back to our routines of going to the gym and Stanna’s already done two Wednesday snowshoe hikes with the ladies.  I’ve never attended winter spin classes and quickly learned that you have to show up by 5:20 to get a bike and spot for the 5:45 class.  Not only that but there are three back to back classes Monday Wednesday and Friday starting at 5:45. I knew it was popular in the winter but there must be close to a hundred spinner a day in those 3 classes alone.  One thing to note was that I couldn’t do a Tree balance posture my first day back at yoga.  It was really bad because I’d been asked to lead the next day’s class the night we arrived in Durango.  I was still swaying from Dragonfly when I needed to stand perfectly still in the dimly lit room that next morning.  Fortunately I’d made my excuses early and tried to tell a few sailing stories while holding poses up front.

Yes it’s cold but, outside of the small skiff of snow that followed us into town as we arrived, there hasn’t been anything but clear and cold days.  Fortunately the below zero days that set a 50-year record in January are long gone.  We only have to put up with low 20’s first thing in the morning.

Every time Stanna and I make the long drive home from a winter away, we compose a long prospective to-do list of home improvements, summer goals and things we’d like to do.  Last week was no exception and we’ve already purchase paint for an accent wall experiment in the bedroom.  With all this cold weather we thought we might get started early on the summer chores giving us more time for enjoying the outdoors.